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Linnette L. Hayden is a professional trainer, coach and speaker having worked for several Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She has inspired thousands to strive for and reach their full potential. 

An Iowa Native that now calls Ohio home. As a mother, a Grandmother and a Great Grandmother she enjoys an active life and the joys of communicating with all ages. 

Communication has been her specialty throughout her career. She has been in marketing, public relations, and training & development as well as Inspirational Speaking which covers all areas of communication. Communication is the key to every message delivered. Whether its to a co-worker, spouse, child, friend, or consumer. Your message can be a good one, but if it isn't delivered well it can cause more harm than good.    


Linnette is known for her endless wit and animated storytelling. She takes the topic of communication to a level never reached before. Communication is at the base of everything we do. Whether it is a relationship, inner office memo, a marketing campaign, or a message of encouragement or sympathy. We are all trying to communicate a message that we want received with the same meaning in which it was sent. 

Communication can uplift, encourage, change minds, influence, and inspire. Communication can also, discourage, offend, belittle and destroy with very little difference in the message sent. 

Miscommunication is the number one issue that destroys marriages, partnerships, teams, productivity, and office moral. 

Linnette inspires people to communicate a positive message that produces the outcome the sender intended. With a lighthearted, motivational delivery, Linnette brings her audience to a better understanding of personality types and the special needs involved in communicating with each.  

Do you have issues with people not 'playing well with others' in the office, or constant bickering and complaining in your group/church/school? Linnette will bring a new perspective and shed a needed positive light on the situation in a way that builds up and encourages each person to see themselves and the people around them differently. She will provide the instruction to open doors to better communication and profitable dialogue. 




Published author with a new book due in the Spring of 2019, Linnette brings her unique perspective to the words we choose and the importance of always speaking to build up, and never to tear down. Linnette has over 30 years experience in the marketing field and specializes in writing sales and marketing campaigns. Check out the products page to see her current and future published books. 

She has also authored over 50 published articles in trade magazines and training materials.

Her expertise in writing training manuals is widely sought after for start up companies and customer service based clients. 

curriculum developer

Curriculum Development is available to any business, church, school or entity that needs a manual or action plan developed. Fee is based on research & development hours and is quoted per project. 

Linnette has over 35 years of curriculum development experience with Fortune 100 & 500 companies as well as 30 years of Sunday School and Vacation Bible School program development. 

Call to discuss your individual needs and receive a quote.

website designer

Specializing in Start Up companies and those who would like to bring their web presence up to date. Your message is your most important business aspect and you need to ensure it is delivered correctly. 

Linnette is creative and does her research into your industry to keep you competitive, relevant and always attracting new customers.

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